About Our Charcoal Products

Obtaining products from wood by exposure to high temperature is one of the oldest technologies of mankind. Today, the world produces about 9 million tons of charcoal per year. At the same time, the main producer of charcoal in the world is Brazil, which produces up to 7.5 million tons of charcoal per year. On average, Ukraine exports 175 thousand tons of charcoal per year. If we take the European segment of the market, the share of Ukrainian export coal is about 31%.

Charcoal Production

Tools Of The Trade

The technology of charcoal production is quite simple, but to obtain high-quality coals requires the use of modern equipment and a certain production culture. At the moment, there is a lot of different equipment for the production of charcoal on the market.

The choice of the main equipment (pyrolysis furnaces) was made by our company on the basis of in-depth market research. We have purchased furnaces manufactured by Green Power (Ukraine), which have proven themselves not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries of the world.

Charcoal Materials

How It Is Made

There are several varieties of charcoal related to the technology of its production and the characteristics of raw materials. The preferred raw material for coal production in Ukraine is hardwood (oak, beech, hornbeam, ash, birch), since it produces the most durable and dense coal. In modern conditions, coniferous tree species are also becoming increasingly important. It is possible to make high-quality coal from them if you apply the right technology and observe its parameters.

Alternative sources of raw materials for coal production, such as coconut shells, walnuts, and seeds of various fruits, are becoming increasingly important. The most solid and durable coals with a low coefficient of abrasion are produced from these raw materials, which is important when they are used as sorbents in liquid and air filters.

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