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Ecocarbex (Ecocarbex, LLC) is a Ukrainian enterprise that works in cooperation with the American company KMT International, Inc. (USA). Our production facilities are located in the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine. We manufacture quality charcoal that meets not only the requirements of the Ukrainian market, but also the highest quality requirements of European consumers. We produce charcoal from environmentally friendly hardwoods.

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About The Ecocarbex Process

Unlike many other charcoal producers in Ukraine, our company controls the full cycle of charcoal production. This cycle includes the following steps:

  1. Acceptance of WoodSeparation of original wood, which is then sorted by species.
  2. Wood Preparation – Stored in natural storage conditions (under canopies)
  3. Drying and Pyrolysis – Forced drying and pyrolysis of prepared wood in furnaces.
  4. Cooling and StabilizationCooling and stabilizing of the coal.
  5. The Coal Classification and Packing Department – Automated unit of classification by size, packing and packaging.
  6. Finished Goods WarehouseCoal packed in bags of various packaging depending on the customer’s order arrives at this warehouse where it is stored before shipment.
Products For Various Consumers

Quality Control And Uses

Our laboratory is equipped with all the necessary equipment to determine the quality of the coal produced. Quality control of the produced products is carried out by conducting laboratory tests in accordance with GOST 33625-2015.

This is all a part of our focus to provide consumers with quality products. Our products are used for a number of things, including:

  • Charcoal for cooking on the grill
  • Coal for the metallurgical industry (production of silicon, copper, rare metals)
  • Activated carbon for various purposes (filtering sorbent for water purification in the production of drinking water, filtering sorption agent for gas purification, enterosorbent in medicine)
  • Coal in the form of a fine fraction and coal dust
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